Nov 02 2004

Gourd, quince and green tomatoes


Gourd en gratin

Cut the gourd in two, put it in the oven (180o) and leave it till the inside is soft.
Empty the flesh of the gourd and put it in a bowl. Smash it with salt, pepper, a soup spoon of cream, a pinch of curry, a handful of chives (cut in small pieces), put it back in the gourd, spread on it grounded parmesan, put some little pieces of butter and put it back in the oven. Grill it slowly and eat immediately.

Gigot de 7 heures aux coings (quince)

A leg of lambs about 1.8kgs
8 quinces
4 onions
60g of butter
8 pieces of garlic
4 soup spoon of olive oil
bay leaf
salt and pepper

Stir the lamb in the butter. Heat your oven at 150o. Peal and cut the onions and the garlic. In a cast iron cocotte heat 2 soup spoons of olive oil and stir the onions and garlic, add the lamb, salt, pepper and herbs, add 2 soup spoons of olive oil and a glass of water. Put the lid of the cocotte and leave in the oven for 7 hours.
One hour before the end, cut the quinces in 4, peal them and boil them in salted water for 30 minutes. Stir them, take the pips and the hearts out, add them to the lamb for 30 minutes more.

Serve the lamb with the quinces and the sauce in a gravy boat.

I suggest for that dish to drink it with a good red Bordeaux.

Panacotta with green tomatoes coulis

For the panacotta
500g of cream
80g sugar
3 sheets of gelatine

Put the gelatine in cold water.
Put the cream, sugar, vanilla in a pan take it to the boil and leave it for 5 minutes then add the sheets of gelatine mix it.
Pour the mixture in small individual pots. Leave them in the fridge for half a day minimum.
Serve with the coulis.

For the coulis put the green tomatoes, cut in small pieces with the same weight of sugar, leave it cooking for about 45 minutes, slowly. Mix it with an electric mixer, add when cold some fresh mint leaves, pour it on the top of the panacotta, and serve.

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