May 20 2007

Turkey Pie

We sat  down with friends and family for a post Boxing Day lunch to a huge Turkey Pie

I sautéd some chopped some shallots, a few sticks of celery and a big handful of mushrooms quickly in olive oil and a little butter. I added a handful of dried herbs, the remains of the gravy, bread sauce and chestnut stuffing with the remains of red wine from the bottom of a Christmas Day bottle.

I stripped all the turkey meat from the carcass and put it in a big pie dish. I tasted the rich hot sauce, added salt and pepper then poured it over the meat. I rolled out some ready made pastry, covered the meat using my dear old blackbird chimney to let out the steam as it cooked.

I decorated it with pastry flowers and leaves in the traditional way, quickly brushed it with beaten egg and put it into a hot oven 180-200c for 30-40 minutes till crisp and golden: great way to use up the turkey.

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