May 06 2004

Scallops, Criste Marine and Nettles


Carpacio of scallops
Carve the scallops (the white and the pink) in very thin slices with a good carving knife. Lay the slices on a flat dish. Cover them with a little olive oil, salt, a mix of green and pink peppercorns and a lot of coriander leaves cut in small pieces.
Prepare the carpacio 2 hours before the meal.

Cassolette of scallops
Clean your scallops, keep only the white bit and the yellow.
In a pan melt some butter add some sea salt and ground black pepper, when the butter is still white but starts to become bubbly put the scallops and leave them 2 minutes on each side.

Serve with the Criste Marine and stinging nettles.

Criste Marine and stinging nettles
You must cook these separately. Boil some water with sea salt in two pans. When the water is boiling, plunge the vegetables in the water. Leave them 3 minutes. Strain them. Add some butter to the Criste Marine and serve. Cut the stinging nettles in peaces, add a spoon of cream and some black pepper, serve.

Cream Custard made with 1 litre of sugared milk and eight yolks. Serve it with elder berries cooked in sugar.

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  1. John Snyderon 21 Jan 2007 at 10:42 pm

    I would like for you to explain what carpacio is.

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