Mar 01 2007


Here is my version of this delicious fish stew. All quantities are approximate. I use whatever fish I can get!

For the Aioli use 4 eggs yolks, 6 cloves of garlic and about 500ml olive oil. Make in the usual way for mayonnaise but put the garlic in at the beginning with the egg yolks. Slow is the word here!

Next peel about 1.5 kilos of potatoes, and blanch them. Cut up a few sticks of celery, four tomatoes, a fennel bulb, some thyme and summer savoury. Chop a good hand full of parsley.. If you have new garden peas or some shelled broad beans add these too.

Firm white fish is best. Monkfish, bream, bass. I have used cod and haddock. They taste fine but are inclined to fall to bits. Squid, mussels and large prawns are good additions. Make sure you clean the mussels carefully, rinsing out the grit, pulling off the beards and discarding any open or broken ones.

Once everything is prepared heat some oil in a big pan. First put in the vegetables and the mussels. Next put in a layer of fish. Cover with water, about 2 litres, or fish stock if you have it. I sometimes use a tin of chopped tomatoes or a bag of last years frozen ones instead of some of the water.

Bring to the boil, add ½ a pint of white wine(275ml) Simmer for ten minutes then carefully take out all the fish etc leaving just some potato behind. Keep the fish warm. Crush the potato into the sauce and stir in half the *aioli. Warm through

Spoon fish and broth into individual bowls and serve with the remaining aioli and crusty bread. A good crisp white wine completes the feast.

Enjoy fish!!

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