Mar 01 2007

Fig Conserve

My fig tree has suddenly gone into overdrive producing more figs than even I can consume.

I found a delicious Fig Conserve hidden away in Jane Grigson’s beloved Fruit Book.

Simply cover the halved figs in half their weight of sugar and leave over night. By morning the sugar has drawn the juice from the figs. Bring everything gently to the boil and immediately scoop out the figs into sterilised jars, boil down the syrup. Pour it, thick and sticky, over the fruit and cover in the normal way. Store in the ‘fridge.

I have a feeling a dollop of this figgy bliss on a warm croissant with a large cup of strong black coffee will cheer cold winter breakfasts!
Our Figs & Goats Cheese
Our Figs & Goats Cheese

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