Mar 01 2007

Fruit Leathers

Peel about 2kg of apples, pears or quince etc.
Save peel and pips and tie in muslin cloth. Put everything in a heavy pan with 300ml water and cook till soft.

When soft remove the bag of peel etc, weigh the cooked fruit, place in a rinsed pan with an equal amount of sugar.

Boil again stirring all the time till stiff and almost sticking to the pan. It will bubble and spit so cover your hand with a cloth.

Pour a very thin layer onto a baking tray, which you have lined with greaseproof paper, and leave to dry. The airing cupboard is a good place for this!

Turn regularly. After several weeks a crystal crust will appear on the surface and it is said to keep for up to two years!

But you can cut into squares, sprinkle with sugar and eat it all after about 12 hours, it’s so delicious. Or, if you’re more restrained, store it in a plastic box covered in granulated sugar. That way you have wonderful flavoured sugar as well.


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