May 21 2007

Chicken Liver Pate

Clean and finely slice the chicken livers discarding sinews. Chop shallot and crush a clove of garlic.

Melt a knob of butter in a heavy pan with a splash of olive oil. This will stop the butter burning. Soften the shallot, don’t let it colour, add the garlic and livers and turn quickly in the hot pan for two or three minutes. The livers should be sealed but still pink. Add a good pinch of fresh dried herbs, not the packet that has been sitting on the shelf for years and turned to grey dust! Stir again and flame with brandy or stir in a little red wine.

Take off the heat and season with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Whiz everything up briefly in a food processor and scrape with a spatula into a small terrine.

Melt plenty of butter in a clean pan and pour it over the pate making sure there is enough to make a perfect seal. Refrigerate.

Leave for at least three days to mature. It will keep for several weeks. Once the butter seal is broken eat within a couple of days. Serve it with crisp plain biscuits or toast and a glass of red wine.

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