May 21 2007

Terrine of Pork and Chicken

Prepare the terrine at least a day in advance.

You will need:-

500gms streaky bacon

500gms belly of pork

500gms boneless chicken

3 crushed cloves of garlic

2 finely chopped shallots

1teaspoon green pepper corns

5-6 crushed juniper berries

1 generous tablespoon fresh chopped herbs e.g. parsley, thyme, marjoram

Small glass of red wine

Bay leaves and lemon slices to decorate

Mince the belly of pork with 250 grams of chicken. Mix well adding  the crushed garlic, chopped shallots, green peppercorns and crushed juniper berries. Pour over the glass of red wine and allow to marinade.

Line a pound loaf tin or similar shaped oven proof pie dish with streaky bacon. Take each rasher and stretch it with the back of a knife on the chopping board. Then line the dish so that each rasher covers the bottom and one side with the end hanging over the edge.

Take half the minced meat and fill the dish halfway. Sprinkle with chopped herbs. Cut the remaining 250 grams of chicken into strips and place down the centre together with 100 grams of chicken livers. Add more herbs and cover with the rest of the minced meat. Press down gently and wrap the bacon over the top. Decorate with lemon slices and a couple of bay leaves, cover with tin foil and place in a Bain Marie; a roasting tin half filled with hot water.

Place in a moderate oven for an hour and a half checking regularly and topping up water in the Bain Marie when necessary.

To be sure the meat is cooked pierce with a long skewer, if the juice is clear the terrine is cooked, if it is still pink, cook a little more.

When you are confident it is cooked take it out of the oven and lift carefully from the Bain Marie. Tip water out and return the cooked terrine to the dish. Put a heavy weight on the top. I use a brick and Granny’s old weights from her old fashioned kitchen scales, but improvise. The juices will overflow a little. When the whole is quite cool, refrigerate. Slice and serve with salad and new potatoes the next day.

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