Jun 01 2007

Apple, Cabbage and Ginger Soup

Fresh, spicy and delicious this is a great way to use up a few windfalls and a bit of cabbage. But, a big but, it’s essential to have some good chicken stock to back up the flavour.

Shred half a large white cabbage and chop three onions and four green apples. Turn them over in melted butter, then put a lid on the pan and sweat for about ten minutes until soft but not, absolutely not, brown. Add a clove of garlic crushed with salt, a small piece of finely chopped fresh ginger and a litre of chicken stock (…made from that carcass you were going to throw away……see making stock ) Simmer a few more minutes until the cabbage is tender. Then blend, reheat, taste, season and serve. Very quick, very nice!

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  1. Janeon 19 Mar 2009 at 3:45 pm

    Dear Sally: About your Cabbage, Apple and Ginger Soup

    This hearty soup became one of my autumn favorites.

    This week I had 3/4 of a medium cabbage (left over from St. Patrick’s Day), but no apples, so instead added jar of
    applesauce. The result was a little sweeter than usual but
    still delicious–there’s a pot of it warming up as I type this!

    I continue to enjoy your Letters from Devon all the way to
    New Jersey—


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