Sep 11 2010

A Midsummer Dream


Tom, Noriko, I-Chan, Suzumi were here.

And Katy and Merlin, Bee, Harry and Flo

We went down to the river and kayaked and crabbed.

We played in the mud, and were cleaned with the hose

We ate at Claire’s cafe; we talked and we laughed

We were caught in the thunder, we raced paper boats.

We ate River Dart salmon, BBQ’d in the rain.

We built yachts in the workshop, found newts in the pond.

We swam to the pirate ship, swung on tyres on the lake.

We climbed on huge ropes and splashed as we fell

We were zipped into balls and spun round on a pond.

We put on orange helmets and climbed great big walls;

We fell and bounced back on big rubber mats.

We ate burgers and chips and went back for more.

We came home exhausted in need of a wash!

Then Tom had a birthday and Paella for lunch!

We went to the Circus and laughed at the clowns.

We saw acrobats, jugglers, went on the big wheel.

Bee and Flo made a camp and slept under the stars.

Katy joined them and rolled down the hill in the night.

It rained; we made pizza, played music and sang.

We went to the beach, saw a shark near the shore,

We ate burgers and lobster and masses of chips.

We fed chickens, found eggs, stroked donkeys and dogs.

We had a big lunch, they climbed into a car

Huge hugs, love and laughter, some tears and they’d gone.

They’d gone back to Bath, they’d gone back to Japan

The house is so silent it must be a dream……………………!


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  1. Tanon 30 Dec 2010 at 12:45 pm

    Oh what a joyful moment in time! Who knew the future held all of this… 🙂 xox

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